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5 Reasons to Use a Day-of Coordinator

You’ve put so much into planning your big day and every last detail is nailed down tight. But you can’t help but worry that something will go wrong. Even the mini-est of mini crisis’ can carve a slice out of what you had envisioned as your perfect wedding.

That’s exactly what wedding coordinators are for. You’ve set up the pins, now sit back and let us knock ‘em down. Here are five great reasons to hire a day-of coordinator for your special day.

  1. It’s your day to relax, not stress. You shouldn’t spend your wedding day helping a lost vendor with directions, fixing a broken corsage or telling the deejay he needs to be playing track 2. This is a special day that you’ve poured your heart and soul into and you deserve to soak in the moment. Remember, you should be the guest of honor, not the party host.

  2. Family and friends aren’t always as reliable. You trust your best friend with your life. But do you trust her to remember to pick up the bouquet or cue the music at just the right time? Many brides saddle family members or friends with wedding-day responsibilities. But those people, as trustworthy as they may be, often end up getting caught up in the excitement and neglect or forget their jobs. And besides, your friends and family are there to enjoy your wedding, not be put to work.

  3. You’ll stay on schedule. Have you ever been to a wedding where the cake wasn’t cut for two hours and just sat up there on the table mercilessly teasing you? Or the father of the bride awkwardly gave his speech while your table was in line at the buffet? Timing is everything for a smooth wedding and a day-of coordinator will have your ceremony and reception running like clockwork.

  4. We’ll think of things you won’t. Your wedding is likely your first wedding. But it won’t be our first rodeo. Last-minute wardrobe malfunction? We’ll have the safety pin ready. Tissues for the groom’s mom? Check. Your five-year old nephew ran off with the pen for the guest book? We’ve got an extra.

  5. You’ve come too far for things to go wrong now. You’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into preparing for your special day. You’ve dreamt about this day for years and have planned for it for months. It would be a shame if that investment didn’t pay off in full.

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